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“Move it or Lose it” is a phrase you may have heard connected to getting exercise. It automatically creates that “ugh” response in me. I know that moving is important for my wellbeing but I also know that we never “lose it” forever. It’s always possible to re-build.

Maintaining My Range Of Motion.

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It is surprising what a small range of motion I use in day-to-day life. I walk forward. I sit. I stand. I roll my shoulders forward to read my devices or type on the computer. How often do I raise my hands above my head?  How often do I reach behind me or touch the floor?  I don’t do it often. Do you? I expect my body to be able to do these things when I need it to, but how can it if I don’t maintain these functions?

No such thing as a bad workout

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There is joy in moving your body as much as you are able. As I get older, I realize that I don’t have to exercise to exhaustion to see the benefits. In fact, exercising when I’m tired usually comes with the risk of injury. I love to do Zumba and these days it’s online. I wear proper running shoes instead of doing it barefoot or in socks after getting painful plantar fasciitis. I’ve eliminated jumping in favour of keeping at least one foot on the floor at all times, after hurting my knees. There are some days when I don’t feel very energetic and I cut my workout short. I try to be kind to myself and remember that any movement is better than no movement. The dance-like movements in Zumba give me opportunities to move my body in many directions (side to side, backwards) and with a full range of motion. This is so valuable to my physical health.

Value Flexibility And Balance

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Yoga is my body’s maintenance and treatment. Doing regular yoga, even if it’s only a little before bedtime and a longer session once per week, seems to be enough to maintain my flexibility and balance. Yoga has taught me to treat my aches. If I’ve been sitting for a while, I can recognize where my muscles feel sore and I know some stretches that will unkink them. I do the poses and feel relief.

Larger Physical Goals Are Possible

You are never too old to build your physical strength.* Never. Here’s the inspirational story of Joan who started her fitness journey in her seventies. She took expert advice on diet and movement and she gradually transformed herself.

It is possible, if you feel the pull to make a radical change. But if not, even doing gentle chair yoga will have its benefits in improving your range of motion. Moving a little is not lost.

What ways do you like to move and exercise?

* Click here to learn that you are not too old to build physical strength according to Harvard Medical School.


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  1. This is a great reminder that any movement is better than none. Whether it’s through Zumba, yoga, or simply stretching, maintaining a range of motion is important for physical health. It’s never too late to start building strength, as Joan’s inspirational story shows.

    ~ Vika

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