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  • I Have Time But I’m Always Late

    It’s a conundrum, a puzzle. How can I have all the time in the world but constantly be late for things?  It doesn’t make sense. I think it’s a time management problem. But I didn’t have this problem as often when my time was dominated by working full-time. These days when I have a definite……

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  • Growing Into A New Skin

    Today is tattoo day for me. I’m getting my second tattoo and I’m nervous and excited. You might find it unexpected that a retired person should start getting tattoos. You might criticize me for getting one. Avoiding such criticism has often caused me to choose not to do something that I might otherwise have enjoyed.……

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  • The Power Of Trees

    The Power Of Trees

    I wouldn’t describe myself as “outdoorsy,” but walking in nature has a positive effect on me. I go for daily walks with the dog but I’ve noticed there is a big difference in how I feel during and after a walk, if it’s in a natural setting. Walking along the street in my neighbourhood or……

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  • A Time For Learning

    A Time For Learning

    As a former teacher, you can understand that I have a passion for learning. However, as a retired person I was not at all sure that I wanted to start from the beginning again. Formal education was my life until now as a student, and then as a teacher. I want something different now. And……

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  • Pet Lessons

    Pet Lessons

    I never owned a cat or a dog growing up. Pets were viewed as messy, expensive, a source of allergies, and when you want to go on vacation, inconvenient. But when we moved into our home years ago, I felt like there was a presence missing in the house. I was not wrong. Calmness On……

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  • Frozen Decisions

    Frozen Decisions

    I really thought that after all my life experience making decisions, I’d be better at it by now. Apparently, teachers make —- 1500 decisions per teaching day and I can believe it!*  But lately simple decisions have been causing me to waffle back and forth: frozen. What’s a simple decision for me?  It’s one that……

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  • Travel Because You Can

    One of the first things people mentioned when I announcement my retirement was travel. “You’ll be able to travel and take advantage of the lower rates off-season,” they said. (As a teacher, we have to travel during peak times when it’s most expensive and most crowded.) I’ve done a fair bit of travelling over the……

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  • Move It

    Move It

    “Move it or Lose it” is a phrase you may have heard connected to getting exercise. It automatically creates that “ugh” response in me. I know that moving is important for my wellbeing but I also know that we never “lose it” forever. It’s always possible to re-build. Maintaining My Range Of Motion. It is……

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  • Let Them Hear Your Voice

    There’s a woman in the Uk who visits a train station to hear her late husband’s voice. He recorded the regular station “Mind the gap” announcement years ago and she “just loved to hear his voice.” It’s surprising that with all the technology that we have at our fingertips these days, that recording our voice……

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  • Happy Challenges, Happy Self

    Challenge is essential to my happiness. When someone asked me to imagine my best life, it would include some challenge. But finding the right amount of challenge is key. I can’t imagine a life without any problems to try to solve. I’m not talking about where to buy new winter tires or how to fix……

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