So, I retired, June 2022. And now what? It’s like finally getting to the top of the mountain and looking around with no idea what to focus on next. And now what? My head is spinning and this blog is a way to calm it down, and gather others who are also searching for the next steps. And most importantly, support each other as we go.

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I Have Time But I’m Always Late

It’s a conundrum, a puzzle. How can I have all the time in the world but constantly be late for things?  It doesn’t make sense. I think it’s a time management problem. But I didn’t have this problem as often when my time was dominated by working full-time. These days when I have a definite…

Growing Into A New Skin

Today is tattoo day for me. I’m getting my second tattoo and I’m nervous and excited. You might find it unexpected that a retired person should start getting tattoos. You might criticize me for getting one. Avoiding such criticism has often caused me to choose not to do something that I might otherwise have enjoyed.…

The Power Of Trees

I wouldn’t describe myself as “outdoorsy,” but walking in nature has a positive effect on me. I go for daily walks with the dog but I’ve noticed there is a big difference in how I feel during and after a walk, if it’s in a natural setting. Walking along the street in my neighbourhood or…

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  1. While I enjoy the freedom from the structure of workdays in my retirement, I realize that some structure is healthy.…

  2. What a heartwarming article! It’s amazing how pets can bring so much joy, love, and mindfulness into our lives.