A Grey Blob Day

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Waking up to see yet another grey sky on a Monday morning is not an inspiring sight. I’m an emotional dresser and I choose clothes that reflect how I’m feeling on the inside. Today, it was a grey blob. It wasn’t until a caught sight of myself in the mirror that I realized what I’d done. What a way to start my day! 

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Who And What Do You Dress For?

Photo by Alena Darmel on Pexels.com

Clothing really does make a difference in how we feel and how others feel about us. If it didn’t the fashion industry would not exist. But who we should be dressing for is often debated. I favour dressing for myself and what is most practical for the activities I’m planning to do. When I was working, it was often the colourful and practical clothes and accessories of an elementary school teacher. During pandemic work-from-home, my wardrobe sank into sweatpants and leggings like many of us, in an attempt to find some comfort at a very uncomfortable time. 

How Clothes Affect Us

Now that I have full control over what I wear everyday because I am only dressing to please myself, I need to remind myself to be kind. What I choose to wear also affects how I feel about myself that day. Sinking into sweatpants because it’s easy, and shunning colour because it’s grey outside, makes me feel like retreating to live under a blanket for the day. A study from California State University, also found that “dressing to impress enhanced people’s ability to engage in abstract thinking.”* My clothes affect my mood and the level of thinking that I do. I deserve better than a grey blob. 

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Clothes To Smile About

It’s worth putting in the effort even if I’m retired. Checking my image in the mirror and seeing colours that make me smile or seeing a shirt that fits me nicely, actually lifts my spirits. Add some colourful earrings and my smile broadens! It may even help me with my ability to learn and process information today. In the future, I will guard against dressing like a grey blob, even if I do still put sweatpants on from time to time. 

How do you dress when you’re not going out to work each day? Are you stuck in a grey blob rut?


  1. I was stuck in this for almost a year. I retired in the midst of Covid, so going anywhere or doing anything was very limited. Being stuck, I nearly lost my cognitive abilities, to the point where I was fearing the onset of dementia.

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