Loving This Version Of Me

i will never have
this version of me again
let me slow down 
and be with her
- Rupi Kaur.

Body Acceptance Is Hard.

Slowing down and appreciating this version of me was hard. I’m not a make-up and nails kind of person. In the past, I didn’t spend much time considering myself.  Maybe it was because I wasn’t too happy with what I saw? But who is? It’s very hard to accept and feel content with your appearance, particularly if you are female-presenting. Being less rushed these days, I have time to “be with me.”

There Is Good News For The Future

Time does change how we look and how our bodies function. That is inevitable. But learning to be with myself as I am right now, without wishing for changes, that’s starting to be easier. “Studies show that female body dissatisfaction does not increase with age but tends to stay pretty much the same or even decline a bit over our lifetime.”*

Stronger Feelings Of Well-Being

Some days I can’t believe I’m actually retired. How can it be possible? Then I look at myself and see the greying hair and wrinkles and notice the passage of time. (Time exists for me too? Ha ha.) As I age, studies are showing that I will have increased body awareness and that will lead to stronger feelings of well-being.* Yay, aging!

Keep Up With The Mindfulness

I will never be as young as I am today, but I’m ok with that. By becoming more aware of my body and being “with me” in yoga, breathing, and mediation, I can build an even stronger body image. 


*I highly recommend this. Click here. https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/well-being-through-lifetime/202203/what-happens-body-image-we-age

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