My Body Yells At Me

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Why do I wait until my body is yelling at me before I take care of it?  We all carry stress in different parts of our bodies as migraines, pinched neck muscles and upset stomachs. When I’m under continued stress, it usually settles into my body as debilitating lower back pain. But I’ve noticed that before my body screams at me in the form of a bad back, it usually whispers quite incessantly first. My hips get tighter and I feel twinges when I pick up the laundry basket. But if I don’t listen to the whispers, then it yells.

Why do I ignore the signals that my body send me?

I think that when I was younger, I honestly didn’t notice the more subtle signs that something was amiss. I was busy and I pushed my body to do all the things. As a younger person, those whispers might have dissolved into nothing. They were often no big deal.

I Should Know Better

These days when I do meditate regularly, I notice the changes in my body that signal something is awry. I feel the muscle tightness or the small pains, but I don’t always do anything about them. As an older person, I have experience. I know that if I ignore them they will certainly grow into something larger. Last year, I ignored persistent tightness in my foot that developed into plantar fasciitis and took months to recover from. So annoying and painful!

Painful Consequences

Even though I notice the problems whispering to me, I don’t make adjustments. I recognize the tight hips but don’t stretch. I feel the twinges, but I don’t do those yoga moves that help, or put heat on my back. I know how to care for myself but I still don’t do it. I continue to deny that there’s an issue until my body is left with no choice but to yell at me. It will cause me such pain that I have to stop everything and take care of myself. An older body will not be ignored.

Learning To Be Proactive?

If I was proactive when I heard the whispers instead of ignoring them, I probably would be able to avoid the yelling altogether. When will I learn?

What whispers do you ignore from your body? Comment below.

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