Going BIG

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How much space do you take up in the world?  I am staying small. It’s a choice. After three years of the pandemic telling me to keep my world small to stay safe (remain home, avoid others), I’ve found that it’s become my normal state. But unless there’s a pandemic, a war, or a lion… Continue reading Going BIG

A Day Of Wander

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A few years ago, I found myself alone downtown on a Saturday morning. I had to drop something off before nine. Done. Suddenly, there I was with my notebook, a novel and a water bottle in my bag on a sunny, warm morning, and no plans for the rest of the day. No one needed… Continue reading A Day Of Wander

Can’t Avoid Triggers

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I recognize when my body goes into a stress response: tight jaw, overheating, nerves all a-buzz. I’ve spent time watching my body to recognize these physical responses. I’ve also dedicated a lot of time to journalling over that past six months. It’s helped me to identify four specific situations that provoke a stress response in… Continue reading Can’t Avoid Triggers

Out Of My Control

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It’s very difficult to let go of control. As a teacher, I felt the pressure to “control my class” which really meant keeping them quiet and engaged. I never quite managed the peaceful part of that. I preferred to keep my students noisy and engaged. However, there are times that I have had to acknowledge… Continue reading Out Of My Control

The Power of Glimmers Over Gratitude 

Most people are familiar with the term, triggers. They are events or words or places that can cause a person to relive the stress of a traumatic experience. As I grieve, I find there are many triggers in my day. But have you heard of glimmers?  Glimmers Are Personal. A glimmer is something that recalls… Continue reading The Power of Glimmers Over Gratitude 

My Body Yells At Me

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Why do I wait until my body is yelling at me before I take care of it?  We all carry stress in different parts of our bodies as migraines, pinched neck muscles and upset stomachs. When I’m under continued stress, it usually settles into my body as debilitating lower back pain. But I’ve noticed that… Continue reading My Body Yells At Me

Ignore The Grind

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There’s no denying that daily grind of getting up and doing work. It’s ingrained in us from the time we start school. The idea of taking time off or staying home when you’re sick is frowned upon by parents, schools and your boss. Consistent attendance is rewarded by schools and then cherished by businesses. It’s… Continue reading Ignore The Grind

Big Top Emotions

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As I have the privilege of growing older, I gather more loss. Grief is difficult to talk about and something many people shy away from, but it truly is a fact of life. Learning how to cope with death is something we have to do. We have no choice. Like taxes, death will not be… Continue reading Big Top Emotions

Letting Go Of Worries About Important Tasks

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There are things that are urgent and important. I will do those immediately. But then, there are things that are not urgent but important, like taxes and medical tests. I will delay those things as long as possible. I don’t like to do them and I don’t want to face them. So, I play the… Continue reading Letting Go Of Worries About Important Tasks

Forgetting To Remember To Be Present

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I’m trying to use my time wisely and that’s more challenging now that I don’t have a regular work schedule to plan around. You’d think that having more time would make it easier, but often it doesn’t. Time gets frittered away on numerous things during the day and suddenly it’s dinner time again. Being mindful,… Continue reading Forgetting To Remember To Be Present