I Have Time But I’m Always Late

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It’s a conundrum, a puzzle. How can I have all the time in the world but constantly be late for things?  It doesn’t make sense. I think it’s a time management problem. But I didn’t have this problem as often when my time was dominated by working full-time. These days when I have a definite… Continue reading I Have Time But I’m Always Late

The Power Of Trees

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I wouldn’t describe myself as “outdoorsy,” but walking in nature has a positive effect on me. I go for daily walks with the dog but I’ve noticed there is a big difference in how I feel during and after a walk, if it’s in a natural setting. Walking along the street in my neighbourhood or… Continue reading The Power Of Trees

Frozen Decisions

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I really thought that after all my life experience making decisions, I’d be better at it by now. Apparently, teachers make —- 1500 decisions per teaching day and I can believe it!*  But lately simple decisions have been causing me to waffle back and forth: frozen. What’s a simple decision for me?  It’s one that… Continue reading Frozen Decisions

Happy Challenges, Happy Self

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Challenge is essential to my happiness. When someone asked me to imagine my best life, it would include some challenge. But finding the right amount of challenge is key. I can’t imagine a life without any problems to try to solve. I’m not talking about where to buy new winter tires or how to fix… Continue reading Happy Challenges, Happy Self

Thinking The Worst

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There’s a storm coming and it’s one of the ever-increasing things that trigger an emotional response of dread in me. What if we lose power like we did during the ice storm? The older I get, the number of events that cause me to react this way grows. It makes sense. I have more lived… Continue reading Thinking The Worst

Sleeping Well

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I tell myself that I had a bad night’s sleep when I wake up a few times in the night. I think of a “good sleep” as going to bed and not waking until morning. When I tell myself I didn’t sleep well, I start my day feeling deprived, and depleted. I wonder if I’ll… Continue reading Sleeping Well

Procrastination Lives On

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I really thought that being retired would enable me to do all those things that I was procrastinating about. I’d finally have the time to book those appointments, clean out the spare room and organize the kitchen pantry. Not so. Working full-time was a convenient excuse not to do those things. Now my excuse is… Continue reading Procrastination Lives On

Goodbye Great Expectations

I didn’t realize how much I was carrying when I was working full-time. All the expectations of my job and those of the pandemic were heaped upon me for three years. In an instant, I retired and the work email vanished and so did all the constant contact with my class (on Google Classroom), and… Continue reading Goodbye Great Expectations

Allowing Your Wisdom To Work

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We’ve all experienced that frustrating situation. We’re trying to remember a name or a word and it remains just out of reach in our mind. We know we know it but we just can’t access it.* Lately, it’s been solutions to problems that have been sitting just out of reach in my mind. The harder… Continue reading Allowing Your Wisdom To Work

Difficult Emotions And Toxic Positivity

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I find it one of the hardest things to do, to just sit with uncomfortable emotions. I want to talk about them and fix them. I look for a way to make these feelings go away. I really need to work on sitting and observing them.  Toxic Positivity. The belief that everything should be rosy… Continue reading Difficult Emotions And Toxic Positivity