Appreciation For The Dog

Our dog speaks human much better than we speak dog. We don’t give her credit for her ability. She uses our body language, our tone of voice and our words, to understand and respond to us. She’s worked hard to learn many phrases and commands. I don’t think I’ve put the same energy and concentration… Continue reading Appreciation For The Dog

Table Talk

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Logic tells me that it’s easiest to find time to talk with people I see regularly. Experience tells a different tale. Finding time to have meaningful discussions with the family members who live with me, is a challenge.  There’s Lots Of Small Talk. We talk all the time but it’s snatches of conversation about schedules… Continue reading Table Talk

Mundane Treasure

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Graduations, weddings, births, holidays and celebrations: these are events which I’ve spent a lot of energy, time and money on over the years. I tell myself that they are important occasions that deserve my attention because I’m making memories for myself and those involved. But when I look back at my favourite times with people… Continue reading Mundane Treasure

The Muli-Generational Home

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It has been said recently, that this latest generation of new adults has it worse-off financially than several of the generations before them.* Those of us who have retired benefitted from the growth and comfort of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Today’s new adults are struggling to afford the basics in life: shelter,… Continue reading The Muli-Generational Home