“All That We Are Is Story”

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There is nothing like grief to focus our attention on the briefness of life. Our stories are so very short in the grand scheme of things. Rocks, water, and trees will outlive me. Even many human structures such as my home and the roads I drive on, will probably survive me. I tend to go… Continue reading “All That We Are Is Story”

Mundane Treasure

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Graduations, weddings, births, holidays and celebrations: these are events which I’ve spent a lot of energy, time and money on over the years. I tell myself that they are important occasions that deserve my attention because I’m making memories for myself and those involved. But when I look back at my favourite times with people… Continue reading Mundane Treasure

Out Of My Control

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It’s very difficult to let go of control. As a teacher, I felt the pressure to “control my class” which really meant keeping them quiet and engaged. I never quite managed the peaceful part of that. I preferred to keep my students noisy and engaged. However, there are times that I have had to acknowledge… Continue reading Out Of My Control

The Power of Glimmers Over Gratitude 

Most people are familiar with the term, triggers. They are events or words or places that can cause a person to relive the stress of a traumatic experience. As I grieve, I find there are many triggers in my day. But have you heard of glimmers?  Glimmers Are Personal. A glimmer is something that recalls… Continue reading The Power of Glimmers Over Gratitude 

Big Top Emotions

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As I have the privilege of growing older, I gather more loss. Grief is difficult to talk about and something many people shy away from, but it truly is a fact of life. Learning how to cope with death is something we have to do. We have no choice. Like taxes, death will not be… Continue reading Big Top Emotions

A Time To Grieve

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Sometimes life gets super-messy. There is nothing like a death in your close circle to stir things up. Everything gets put on hold as you try to support people and cope with your own grief. Not unlike a birth, where folks focus on the pregnancy without much thought of the many years of childcare ahead,… Continue reading A Time To Grieve