Mundane Treasure

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Graduations, weddings, births, holidays and celebrations: these are events which I’ve spent a lot of energy, time and money on over the years. I tell myself that they are important occasions that deserve my attention because I’m making memories for myself and those involved. But when I look back at my favourite times with people who have died, it’s not these events that are the cherished memories. I can hardly remember any of these fancy occasions.

Ordinary Life Holds Memories

My cherished memories come in the form of regular, ordinary living.

I remember sitting on the porch and laughing with Nancy on a hot summer day.

I remember racing to finish the crosswords with Dad.

I remember my Grandmother struggling to read the box of the new-fangled frozen “pizza” she’d bought especially for her visiting grandchildren.

These are all quiet times when I wasn’t distracted by ceremonies, decorations or gifts. They are pleasant moments of every day life.

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Day To Day Life Is Golden

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I don’t need to go away on holiday or spend a lot of money on fancy clothes, to make wonderful memories for myself and those around me. These memories are happening every day when I share a walk or an ice cream or a chat with someone else. They don’t cost anything except time and attention.

To learn more about how to cherish the mundane aspects of day to day life. Click here.

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