A Time For Learning

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As a former teacher, you can understand that I have a passion for learning. However, as a retired person I was not at all sure that I wanted to start from the beginning again. Formal education was my life until now as a student, and then as a teacher. I want something different now. And… Continue reading A Time For Learning

Frozen Decisions

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I really thought that after all my life experience making decisions, I’d be better at it by now. Apparently, teachers make —- 1500 decisions per teaching day and I can believe it!*  But lately simple decisions have been causing me to waffle back and forth: frozen. What’s a simple decision for me?  It’s one that… Continue reading Frozen Decisions

Move It

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“Move it or Lose it” is a phrase you may have heard connected to getting exercise. It automatically creates that “ugh” response in me. I know that moving is important for my wellbeing but I also know that we never “lose it” forever. It’s always possible to re-build. Maintaining My Range Of Motion. It is… Continue reading Move It

Downsizing By Up-Cycling Textiles

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Last month, I wrote about downsizing by getting rid of what no longer serves you (click here to read). I mentioned that there are other ways to organize and de-clutter and one was a creative way. Up-cycling is something I’ve been experimenting with. Up-cycling is another word for reusing something that is worn or no… Continue reading Downsizing By Up-Cycling Textiles

Shaking Up What You Think You Know About Yourself.

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Have you ever seen the moon when it’s on the horizon?  It looks massive and yet we know it hasn’t changed size. It’s a matter of our perspective: the way our brains are processing the information. Did you know that if you look upside down at the same moon, it will appear its normal size?*… Continue reading Shaking Up What You Think You Know About Yourself.

Creativity: A Writer’s Gotta Write.

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There was fear and uncertainty when I started this blog. I’d never written for a larger audience than my class and their parents. I wondered if I would run out of ideas. Surprise!  I’m discovering that the more I write, the more I have to write.  Creativity Grows The More You Use It. It turns… Continue reading Creativity: A Writer’s Gotta Write.

Check Your Big Picture

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I forget to look at the big picture and so I miss correcting important issues until they’ve been left for too long. I suspect we all do this. This is your reminder to step back today and assess where you are and how things are going. How Does The Big Picture Help? When we look… Continue reading Check Your Big Picture

Making Money

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The temptation to turn a successful hobby into an income is strong. After trying to make money all my life, and being surrounded by a society that sees worth in the amount of money you can make, it seems like a natural path to take in retirement. Why wouldn’t I want to make some extra… Continue reading Making Money

Allowing Your Wisdom To Work

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We’ve all experienced that frustrating situation. We’re trying to remember a name or a word and it remains just out of reach in our mind. We know we know it but we just can’t access it.* Lately, it’s been solutions to problems that have been sitting just out of reach in my mind. The harder… Continue reading Allowing Your Wisdom To Work

I Named My Inner Critic

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I gave my inner critical voice a name* and it’s made such a difference. I thought about her personality and what she would look like. For me, she’s an older nosy-neighbour type who always thinks she knows best. I chose a name for her that isn’t a name that I have encountered very often in… Continue reading I Named My Inner Critic