Move It

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“Move it or Lose it” is a phrase you may have heard connected to getting exercise. It automatically creates that “ugh” response in me. I know that moving is important for my wellbeing but I also know that we never “lose it” forever. It’s always possible to re-build. Maintaining My Range Of Motion. It is… Continue reading Move It

What was I thinking?

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Well, this is scary and frustrating!  What was I thinking that I could start a blog just like that? Learning a new on-line system of doing things is annoying and humbling and makes me want to give up before I’ve even really begun. If you’re able to read these posts then it’s due to your… Continue reading What was I thinking?

New Year. What now?

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Argh! This is scary. My first post for my new blog and I don’t have a clue what I’m doing… but I’m forging ahead anyway. Everyone is going back to work after the holidays and I have no definite plans for the day. The relief of not working in September and October and the the… Continue reading New Year. What now?