Frozen Decisions

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I really thought that after all my life experience making decisions, I’d be better at it by now. Apparently, teachers make —- 1500 decisions per teaching day and I can believe it!*  But lately simple decisions have been causing me to waffle back and forth: frozen. What’s a simple decision for me?  It’s one that… Continue reading Frozen Decisions

I Named My Inner Critic

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I gave my inner critical voice a name* and it’s made such a difference. I thought about her personality and what she would look like. For me, she’s an older nosy-neighbour type who always thinks she knows best. I chose a name for her that isn’t a name that I have encountered very often in… Continue reading I Named My Inner Critic

Smooth Move

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You have to start somewhere and thinking about starting isn’t the same as diving in.“ I’ve noticed that there are different approaches to being retired and those with the side gig seem to have the smoothest transition. I am not one of those and because you are reading this, I expect that you are not… Continue reading Smooth Move