Happy Challenges, Happy Self

Photo by Mohan Nannapaneni on Pexels.com

Challenge is essential to my happiness. When someone asked me to imagine my best life, it would include some challenge. But finding the right amount of challenge is key. I can’t imagine a life without any problems to try to solve. I’m not talking about where to buy new winter tires or how to fix… Continue reading Happy Challenges, Happy Self

Creativity: A Writer’s Gotta Write.

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There was fear and uncertainty when I started this blog. I’d never written for a larger audience than my class and their parents. I wondered if I would run out of ideas. Surprise!  I’m discovering that the more I write, the more I have to write.  Creativity Grows The More You Use It. It turns… Continue reading Creativity: A Writer’s Gotta Write.

Some days are hard.

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“You Can’t Use Up Creativity, the More You Use the More You Have” – Maya Angelou. Some days are hard. They are tires spinning on ice. Days when I can’t find the ideas that stick and want to be written about. Nothing jumps up and shouts, “Me, me!” The ideas remain just out of grasp,… Continue reading Some days are hard.