I Have Time But I’m Always Late

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It’s a conundrum, a puzzle. How can I have all the time in the world but constantly be late for things?  It doesn’t make sense. I think it’s a time management problem. But I didn’t have this problem as often when my time was dominated by working full-time. These days when I have a definite… Continue reading I Have Time But I’m Always Late

Happy Challenges, Happy Self

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Challenge is essential to my happiness. When someone asked me to imagine my best life, it would include some challenge. But finding the right amount of challenge is key. I can’t imagine a life without any problems to try to solve. I’m not talking about where to buy new winter tires or how to fix… Continue reading Happy Challenges, Happy Self

What Will Be Your Legacy?

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I didn’t consider my legacy until recently. As far as I was concerned, if I did my job well and took care of my family and friends, that was my legacy. For many people that is their legacy. There is nothing wrong with that. But now that I have time to consider it and time… Continue reading What Will Be Your Legacy?

Procrastination Lives On

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I really thought that being retired would enable me to do all those things that I was procrastinating about. I’d finally have the time to book those appointments, clean out the spare room and organize the kitchen pantry. Not so. Working full-time was a convenient excuse not to do those things. Now my excuse is… Continue reading Procrastination Lives On

Building On and Moving On

“She failed retirement,” laughed a retired work colleague as she spoke about her partner. Her partner had tried to retire for a year or so but was lured back to work in a job that used some of the skills she had developed from a career in education. It wasn’t the same job that she… Continue reading Building On and Moving On

Good Enough

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Be prepared to mess up. During lockdown I wanted to learn a new skill that would keep my hands and mind busy. Using good ole Youtube, I taught myself to crochet. I was making little bee toys to remind my students to bee kind to themselves as the world was turned upside down. I messed… Continue reading Good Enough

Find The Funny.

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A Personal Lesson. Humour is essential to surviving the sad and difficult times in life and he understood that implicitly. Maybe it was surviving the Blitz in Coventry as a child, and surviving childhood TB, that formed his sense of humour? He enjoyed finding the humour in people’s everyday actions. He often poked fun at himself… Continue reading Find The Funny.

I’m a happier sandwich

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I’m a happier sandwich since I retired. I can support my family with something more important than money. I have time. The Sandwich Generation (ages 45 -64) provides the majority of care to older adults and it can range from 5 -30 hours per week*.  Now that I’m retired, I have the time to care… Continue reading I’m a happier sandwich

Who Are You?

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Suddenly I’m not me anymore and it’s jarring. All my adult life I’ve been a teacher. It’s who I was. But what is a retired teacher?  That’s an identity that I’m not sure I want to assume.  An Opportunity Retirement is a chance to become something new; to grow, and to put all my energy… Continue reading Who Are You?