Growing Into A New Skin

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Today is tattoo day for me. I’m getting my second tattoo and I’m nervous and excited. You might find it unexpected that a retired person should start getting tattoos. You might criticize me for getting one. Avoiding such criticism has often caused me to choose not to do something that I might otherwise have enjoyed.… Continue reading Growing Into A New Skin

What Will Be Your Legacy?

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I didn’t consider my legacy until recently. As far as I was concerned, if I did my job well and took care of my family and friends, that was my legacy. For many people that is their legacy. There is nothing wrong with that. But now that I have time to consider it and time… Continue reading What Will Be Your Legacy?

Housewife is a 4-letter word*

Once a woman** stops working outside the home, why is she considered a housewife? That label seems very out-dated to me and yet it is still used by some to describe themselves. When I heard it this week, I wanted to pull out my hair and shout about the history of the women’s movement and… Continue reading Housewife is a 4-letter word*