Choosing Solutions And Hope

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What you focus on, is what you will find. I’m a believer in focusing on solutions rather than problems. I see the problems but I tend to look around for ways to address them rather than look for more problems. Mindset has a lot to do with whether we find solutions or just unearth the… Continue reading Choosing Solutions And Hope

Think for Me

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When I was working, I didn’t have time to think. Like most people, my day was a rush of things that needed to get done, from the moment I woke up, until the dinner dishes were done and the laundry put away. By the time evening arrived, I was too tired to do any thinking.… Continue reading Think for Me

The Power of Glimmers Over Gratitude 

Most people are familiar with the term, triggers. They are events or words or places that can cause a person to relive the stress of a traumatic experience. As I grieve, I find there are many triggers in my day. But have you heard of glimmers?  Glimmers Are Personal. A glimmer is something that recalls… Continue reading The Power of Glimmers Over Gratitude 

Ignore The Grind

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There’s no denying that daily grind of getting up and doing work. It’s ingrained in us from the time we start school. The idea of taking time off or staying home when you’re sick is frowned upon by parents, schools and your boss. Consistent attendance is rewarded by schools and then cherished by businesses. It’s… Continue reading Ignore The Grind

State Your Age

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It’s a little disconcerting to be at a family gathering and be faced with the fact that you’re part of the oldest generation there. I remember attending big family get-togethers when I was in my late teens and I was asked to sit at the kiddies’ table. Then, the oldest generation walked with canes, sat… Continue reading State Your Age

Greeting Cards Insult

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Spring brings many birthdays in my life and I find myself doing the most difficult of tasks: shopping for greeting cards. Greeting cards are supposed to add to the celebration of a birthday or retirement but so often I find that they are backhanded compliments that leave a bad taste in my mouth. The jokes… Continue reading Greeting Cards Insult

A Time To Grieve

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Sometimes life gets super-messy. There is nothing like a death in your close circle to stir things up. Everything gets put on hold as you try to support people and cope with your own grief. Not unlike a birth, where folks focus on the pregnancy without much thought of the many years of childcare ahead,… Continue reading A Time To Grieve

The Muli-Generational Home

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It has been said recently, that this latest generation of new adults has it worse-off financially than several of the generations before them.* Those of us who have retired benefitted from the growth and comfort of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Today’s new adults are struggling to afford the basics in life: shelter,… Continue reading The Muli-Generational Home

Housewife is a 4-letter word*

Once a woman** stops working outside the home, why is she considered a housewife? That label seems very out-dated to me and yet it is still used by some to describe themselves. When I heard it this week, I wanted to pull out my hair and shout about the history of the women’s movement and… Continue reading Housewife is a 4-letter word*