Difficult Emotions And Toxic Positivity

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I find it one of the hardest things to do, to just sit with uncomfortable emotions. I want to talk about them and fix them. I look for a way to make these feelings go away. I really need to work on sitting and observing them.  Toxic Positivity. The belief that everything should be rosy… Continue reading Difficult Emotions And Toxic Positivity

I Named My Inner Critic

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I gave my inner critical voice a name* and it’s made such a difference. I thought about her personality and what she would look like. For me, she’s an older nosy-neighbour type who always thinks she knows best. I chose a name for her that isn’t a name that I have encountered very often in… Continue reading I Named My Inner Critic

Good Enough

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Be prepared to mess up. During lockdown I wanted to learn a new skill that would keep my hands and mind busy. Using good ole Youtube, I taught myself to crochet. I was making little bee toys to remind my students to bee kind to themselves as the world was turned upside down. I messed… Continue reading Good Enough

Being Kind To My Mind

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Do I ruminate when I resist getting out of bed? I was listening to a well-known mental health personality the other day and she recommended the 5-4-3-2-1 countdown to get out yourself out of bed in the morning and prevent rumination. Being retired now, and having the time to think and write, I started to… Continue reading Being Kind To My Mind

I’m a happier sandwich

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I’m a happier sandwich since I retired. I can support my family with something more important than money. I have time. The Sandwich Generation (ages 45 -64) provides the majority of care to older adults and it can range from 5 -30 hours per week*.  Now that I’m retired, I have the time to care… Continue reading I’m a happier sandwich

Goals Make Me Happy

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When I was working, my goals were aligned with what I wanted to achieve for my students and in my teaching practice. They gave my days purpose and direction. As a retired person, I find that I need to set goals to give me a sense of purpose. Now, my goals are purely personal and… Continue reading Goals Make Me Happy