The Un-Becoming

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Am I becoming a new me or just un-becoming the old me?  It’s a matter of perspective. Is the path forward after retirement a time to gather new resources and skills and roles, or is it a time to take all that I am now and edit it until I find my true self?  Either… Continue reading The Un-Becoming

Oh, Martha!

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Did you see Martha Stewart on the cover of the swimsuit edition of that magazine? (This photo is not her) Some people were celebrating her appearance and marvelling that someone “her age” could look like that. For me, it’s her confidence and attitude that I applaud. She views ageism as “boring” and focuses on “good living.”*… Continue reading Oh, Martha!

Growing Into A New Skin

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Today is tattoo day for me. I’m getting my second tattoo and I’m nervous and excited. You might find it unexpected that a retired person should start getting tattoos. You might criticize me for getting one. Avoiding such criticism has often caused me to choose not to do something that I might otherwise have enjoyed.… Continue reading Growing Into A New Skin