Thinking The Worst

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There’s a storm coming and it’s one of the ever-increasing things that trigger an emotional response of dread in me. What if we lose power like we did during the ice storm? The older I get, the number of events that cause me to react this way grows. It makes sense. I have more lived… Continue reading Thinking The Worst

What Will Be Your Legacy?

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I didn’t consider my legacy until recently. As far as I was concerned, if I did my job well and took care of my family and friends, that was my legacy. For many people that is their legacy. There is nothing wrong with that. But now that I have time to consider it and time… Continue reading What Will Be Your Legacy?

Am I Stuck?

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I’m a firm believer in leaning into new skills or ideas. Slowly start to adopt them bit by bit until you arrive. Be consistent and persistent and you will get there eventually (wherever there is). But there is a time in the journey when you wonder if you’re making any progress at all. I’m finding… Continue reading Am I Stuck?

Downsizing By Up-Cycling Textiles

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Last month, I wrote about downsizing by getting rid of what no longer serves you (click here to read). I mentioned that there are other ways to organize and de-clutter and one was a creative way. Up-cycling is something I’ve been experimenting with. Up-cycling is another word for reusing something that is worn or no… Continue reading Downsizing By Up-Cycling Textiles

Sleeping Well


I tell myself that I had a bad night’s sleep when I wake up a few times in the night. I think of a “good sleep” as going to bed and not waking until morning. When I tell myself I didn’t sleep well, I start my day feeling deprived, and depleted. I wonder if I’ll… Continue reading Sleeping Well

Housewife is a 4-letter word*

Once a woman** stops working outside the home, why is she considered a housewife? That label seems very out-dated to me and yet it is still used by some to describe themselves. When I heard it this week, I wanted to pull out my hair and shout about the history of the women’s movement and… Continue reading Housewife is a 4-letter word*

Procrastination Lives On

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I really thought that being retired would enable me to do all those things that I was procrastinating about. I’d finally have the time to book those appointments, clean out the spare room and organize the kitchen pantry. Not so. Working full-time was a convenient excuse not to do those things. Now my excuse is… Continue reading Procrastination Lives On

Goodbye Great Expectations

I didn’t realize how much I was carrying when I was working full-time. All the expectations of my job and those of the pandemic were heaped upon me for three years. In an instant, I retired and the work email vanished and so did all the constant contact with my class (on Google Classroom), and… Continue reading Goodbye Great Expectations

Shaking Up What You Think You Know About Yourself.

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Have you ever seen the moon when it’s on the horizon?  It looks massive and yet we know it hasn’t changed size. It’s a matter of our perspective: the way our brains are processing the information. Did you know that if you look upside down at the same moon, it will appear its normal size?*… Continue reading Shaking Up What You Think You Know About Yourself.

Creativity: A Writer’s Gotta Write.

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There was fear and uncertainty when I started this blog. I’d never written for a larger audience than my class and their parents. I wondered if I would run out of ideas. Surprise!  I’m discovering that the more I write, the more I have to write.  Creativity Grows The More You Use It. It turns… Continue reading Creativity: A Writer’s Gotta Write.