Check Your Big Picture

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I forget to look at the big picture and so I miss correcting important issues until they’ve been left for too long. I suspect we all do this. This is your reminder to step back today and assess where you are and how things are going. How Does The Big Picture Help? When we look… Continue reading Check Your Big Picture

Making Money

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The temptation to turn a successful hobby into an income is strong. After trying to make money all my life, and being surrounded by a society that sees worth in the amount of money you can make, it seems like a natural path to take in retirement. Why wouldn’t I want to make some extra… Continue reading Making Money

Good Enough

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Be prepared to mess up. During lockdown I wanted to learn a new skill that would keep my hands and mind busy. Using good ole Youtube, I taught myself to crochet. I was making little bee toys to remind my students to bee kind to themselves as the world was turned upside down. I messed… Continue reading Good Enough