Oh, Martha!

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

Did you see Martha Stewart on the cover of the swimsuit edition of that magazine? (This photo is not her) Some people were celebrating her appearance and marvelling that someone “her age” could look like that. For me, it’s her confidence and attitude that I applaud. She views ageism as “boring” and focuses on “good living.”* It’s an important message that may get lost behind the distraction of her swimsuit photo spread.

Good Living Beats Aging Gracefully

Besides being the title of Martha’s now defunct home decor magazine (ever the savvy, self-promoter), good living is a worthy focus. Someone’s age should not be the focus of their life. Good living can continue throughout our lives and you don’t need to have Martha’s wealth and privilege.

Photo by Leonora Brebner on Pexels.com

Good living does require awareness. A few wildflowers in a glass on my counter, adding foam to my coffee by shaking warm milk in a mason jar first,** and using the “fancy” cups, can be enough to make my breakfast feel special. The remembering to do it and that I deserve it, is the hardest part of good living. 

Traveling To Grow And Change

Photo by Mark Dalton on Pexels.com

“My favourite place to go is the place I haven’t been yet,” quips Martha.* I think she can afford to travel to wherever her heart desires, when she wants to experience something new. But this is still possible for me. Going to places I’ve never been before, doesn’t require a plane ticket. I can step into a new store in my neighbourhood, or visit a new walking trail, or enjoy a new exhibit at the art gallery. I can sample a new food. Newness is the key to evolving as I grow. 

Becoming unstuck and good living are worthy goals.  

Thanks for the reminder, Martha.


** How to froth milk with a mason jar and microwave.


  1. You are absolutely right and it’s giving me much to think about. When I first saw Martha Stewart on the cover, I thought it was pathetic and focussed on all the wrong things. If it had been Jane Fonda, it would’ve been great but somehow when it was Martha Stewart, I just saw it as opportunism and sad but going places where you’ve never been before, is in fact, evolving and growing and having fun, and I applaud the attitude. Thank you for changing my thinking about experiences. I’m off to take my clothes off and find a camera.

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