Some days are hard.

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“You Can’t Use Up Creativity, the More You Use the More You Have” – Maya Angelou. Some days are hard. They are tires spinning on ice. Days when I can’t find the ideas that stick and want to be written about. Nothing jumps up and shouts, “Me, me!” The ideas remain just out of grasp,… Continue reading Some days are hard.

I’m a happier sandwich

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I’m a happier sandwich since I retired. I can support my family with something more important than money. I have time. The Sandwich Generation (ages 45 -64) provides the majority of care to older adults and it can range from 5 -30 hours per week*.  Now that I’m retired, I have the time to care… Continue reading I’m a happier sandwich

Speed Of Life

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“Efficiency isn’t always the goal. Do you want to live your life in half the time it takes the average person?”  – a comic titled The Type A, Rhymes With Orange 2/24/2010. 13 years ago I cut out this comic when I was so super-busy with work and family that retirement was a far off… Continue reading Speed Of Life

Goals Make Me Happy

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When I was working, my goals were aligned with what I wanted to achieve for my students and in my teaching practice. They gave my days purpose and direction. As a retired person, I find that I need to set goals to give me a sense of purpose. Now, my goals are purely personal and… Continue reading Goals Make Me Happy

Who Are You?

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Suddenly I’m not me anymore and it’s jarring. All my adult life I’ve been a teacher. It’s who I was. But what is a retired teacher?  That’s an identity that I’m not sure I want to assume.  An Opportunity Retirement is a chance to become something new; to grow, and to put all my energy… Continue reading Who Are You?

How are you enjoying retirement?

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How are you enjoying retirement?  It’s a frequently asked question from my still-working colleagues and friends as they greet me. That is a loaded question. They mean well, I know. They probably really wish that they were retired. Working full-time is exhausting. I just smile and mumble something like, “It’s good.” But, really? Really, it’s… Continue reading How are you enjoying retirement?

What was I thinking?

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Well, this is scary and frustrating!  What was I thinking that I could start a blog just like that? Learning a new on-line system of doing things is annoying and humbling and makes me want to give up before I’ve even really begun. If you’re able to read these posts then it’s due to your… Continue reading What was I thinking?