Speed Of Life

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“Efficiency isn’t always the goal. Do you want to live your life in half the time it takes the average person?”  – a comic titled The Type A, Rhymes With Orange 2/24/2010. 13 years ago I cut out this comic when I was so super-busy with work and family that retirement was a far off… Continue reading Speed Of Life

Goals Make Me Happy

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When I was working, my goals were aligned with what I wanted to achieve for my students and in my teaching practice. They gave my days purpose and direction. As a retired person, I find that I need to set goals to give me a sense of purpose. Now, my goals are purely personal and… Continue reading Goals Make Me Happy

Internalized Ageism

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How do I feel about aging?  Retirement comes with the acknowledgement that time has passed and I am older… old. Then the internal conflict begins: I don’t feel old. I don’t want to be old. Do I? Seniors’ Day At Shoppers It’s that incongruous feeling that I got for the first time many years ago… Continue reading Internalized Ageism

Who Are You?

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Suddenly I’m not me anymore and it’s jarring. All my adult life I’ve been a teacher. It’s who I was. But what is a retired teacher?  That’s an identity that I’m not sure I want to assume.  An Opportunity Retirement is a chance to become something new; to grow, and to put all my energy… Continue reading Who Are You?

How are you enjoying retirement?

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How are you enjoying retirement?  It’s a frequently asked question from my still-working colleagues and friends as they greet me. That is a loaded question. They mean well, I know. They probably really wish that they were retired. Working full-time is exhausting. I just smile and mumble something like, “It’s good.” But, really? Really, it’s… Continue reading How are you enjoying retirement?